Summer Wedding in North Cyprus, Esra & Gorkem

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Esra and Gorkem Kyrenia Korineum Wedding

I cannot forget the times we chatted with Esra and Gorkem at Kybele Restaurant in Bellapais after completing the portrait session following their wedding day. They told me how they have met from the bottom of their hearts. I will not share their whole story here for sure. Beginning with a coincidence you can only find in movies and converting into a real love, this story is absolutely romantic for me. If you know them or ever meet with them one day, ask them to tell their story.

You can read the whole story at the bottom of the page (after the photos)!….

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Our shooting day began at Korineum Golf and Beach Resort. Preparation rooms of both Esra and Gorkem were very joyous. The bridal room was more restrained and groom room was more exhilarated.  Those who were in Cyprus during August know what heat means. When someone says “ Summer Wedding in North Cyprus ” it might sound nice but it is not wise to be out during the day when the sun is up. Therefore Korineum is a cool and very comfortable alternative for a summer wedding in North Cyprus. The environment becomes breathable due to broad green area and trees.

Eventually we made a rapid photo session after the preparations. We didn’t exert ourselves too much because we would make another portrait session some other day. We had a very productive wedding photo shooting at the wedding and after party.

Almost a month later, we met again in Kyrenia for a portrait session. Thanks to them, we had a wonderful day with Esra and Gorkem. The wedding of Esra and Gorkem was one of the most joyful photo shootings for me this year, both photographically and socially.

Hope to see you again soon. I wish you happiness, good health and good luck through the whole life.

Summer Wedding in North Cyprus by Ufuk Sarisen

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