Cappadocia Wedding Photography Workshop

I would like to talk a little bit about the International Wedding Photography training that we have been organizing in Cappadocia for the last two years. Students come from all over the world including America, the Caribbean and especially Europe. Officially this is a three day photo camp that spans about five days. You can find the rest of the article “Cappadocia Wedding Photography Workshop” under the photos.

For the past two years, my Dutch photographer friend Ralf and I have organized this event with great contributions from my partner Gökhan and my friend Niyazi who lives in Cappadocia. First, all participants check in to the hotel where the theoretical training will take place, one day in advance. We have a welcome dinner in the evening followed by a morning situation assesment, a summary of what we will do, and theoretical training. We go over photographs and convey basic information with examples.

Then, we go to the field and start shooting with models. We especially focus on the use of artificial light in the practical process, which is often a missing and weak point for many photographers. In addition, we help students understand the use of daylight and when artificial light is needed in the field.

Photo Shoot with Hot Air Balloons

The next morning, weather permitting, we shoot with balloons. Although there is no guarantee that the balloons will fly during the training, the texture of the valley itself and the fun elements we add to the training create many background options. For example, we shoot with both drones and cameras in the carpet store. Photographing the models among the horses running on the horse farm also yields extraordinary results. We even take model shots in the pottery atelier.

During the training, students learn and expand their portfolios. At the end of the training, we have one-on-one interviews with each participant to evaluate their general situation and draw their roadmap. We continue to communicate with students who wish to stay in touch and even participate in professional shoots together.

We spend 16 hours a day with the participants, both in and out of training, and establish strong bonds. On the last day, we have a farewell party with Turkish night show. We have received great feedback on this training and we will continue to offer sustainable education transfer. For this reason, my students will be able to communicate with me throughout their lives and share their questions.

Cappadocia Wedding Photography Workshop by Ufuk Sarisen


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