Antalya Mardan Palace Wedding Photos

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Mehtap and Burak Yeter

Antalya Mardan Palace Wedding Photos : I was really rejoiced when DJ Burak Yeter, who fills us with pride as he is well-known not only in Turkey but also abroad called me and told me that he was going to get married for the sake of photography. I was also very happy on behalf of their relationship after meeting with him and Mehtap. I was happy for the sake of photography because I felt that we would have beautiful days and shoot beautiful photos and it became true. The reasons for this shooting to be successful were the guests of the wedding and tasteful choices of the couple.

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We shot some photos in the legendary lobby of Antalya Hillside Su Hotel and on its shore one day before the wedding. Then we climbed a wonderful hill overlooking the city.

At night, we joined in with Mehtap’s henna night. It was the first henna night I ever photographed. I would say I always avoided henna ceremonies till today. But after taking part in traditional foreign weddings, I thought our henna concept would also be visually rich and result in vivid photos and I think it proved to be right. I think henna nights will be my special interest from now on:).

Wedding Day:

The morning of the wedding day began with the preparations of the couple. Since hair styling saloon chosen by Mehtap was a bit crowded, I preferred off camera flash techniques by blackening the place and highlighting Mehtap.

Antalya Mardan Palace results in beautiful visuals for wedding shootings. But if one would not pay any attention, the surrounding details and the grandness would conduct the attention away from the couple. We performed the interior shooting by using light techniques focused on the couple at Mardan Place.

The party at night enabled us to conduct beautiful plays of light, thanks to concert lighting. The frames I liked most were the ones where our own lights were compatible with the concert lights.

Wedding video was also rather special. We used DJ Burak Yeter’s own songs after getting permission from Spinnin’ Records.

We are so happy for being a part of this wonderful couple’s wedding day. As they are happy with the results, we are happier. I wish you a healthy and peaceful life.

Antalya Mardan Palace Wedding Photos by Ufuk Sarisen

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