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My lovely friends Rosi and Kem, that I took their wedding, are telling their wedding story for InStyle Weddings Magazine…

photography: ufuk sarisen

videography: ufuk sarisen

Your Names?

Kemal Cenan & Rosita Cenan


What are your professions?

Investment Banker & Professional Make-Up Artist (

How did you meet?

Kem – We met at a friend’s birthday party on July 4th 2010. Rosita’s

Auntie and my mother worked together. My mother mentioned Rosita to me in

February 2010 but I was spending a lot of time between London and New

York and so it wasn’t until July that I met her for the first time. When

We met we hit it off straight away and from that point onwards I knew it

was something special.


How long have you been together?

3.5 years

When did you propose?

After 1.5 years later


How did you propose?

He proposed to me on Christmas Day in front of our family. He wrapped the

ring inside a box as a Christmas present. I had no idea he was going to

propose to me that day.


What are the important things for your marriage date?

We live in London but we wanted a destination wedding so we decided to

get married in Turkey. When we looked at different locations, it became

clear that we had to get married in Istanbul. There is no where else in

the world like it.


Where was the wedding venue and how did you decide it?

Cubuklu 29 – we looked at several venues and then visited 3 different

venues in Istanbul. As soon as we saw Cubuklu we knew that we had to have

our wedding there. It is stunning, situated right on the Bosphorus. Even

if we had an unlimited budget I would not have chosen anywhere else.


What about your wedding concept?

Kem – The wedding concept was left to Rosita. She chose the colour scheme

and the flowers. The concept was kept simple, as the venue itself is very

beautiful and for that reason did not need much decoration.


When did you start to get prepare?

From the initial conversation to the wedding date was 10 months

How did you contribute to the wedding organization?

Kem – We both equally contributed to organising the wedding. Rosita was

more involved in the smaller touches and details whilst I was busy

sorting all the events and putting it all together. I spent a lot of time

trying to organise the perfect way to arrive at the venue. I arranged a

beautiful yacht to take my best men and me on a cruise along the Bosporus

and then arrive at the venue to be greeted by the guests. For the first

time the grooms arrival was as spectacular as the brides.


Rosi – kem thinks that he organised all the events but I was making sure

he was on top of everything. I spent a lot of time trying to find the

right location for our hotel where our guests where staying so they were

in the right location to be able to explore the city while they were in

Istanbul. I chose all the bridal parties dresses and colour scheme and

flower decor and table setting. We also created a website with all the

information of the wedding so it was accessible to all our guests

anywhere at anytime, which included the few days or events such as

dinner, a night out at ulus 29 and the times and plan of the wedding day

and more. Here is the website

istanbul wedding photographs_010

How many people you invite?

All of our guests were coming from abroad and so we had only 90 guests

How did you decide dinner menu?

We had a set menu and I have to say it was one of the best meals we have

ever had at a wedding. And this is not just because the wedding was our



What was in the menu?

We chose sea bass to start, followed by shrimp ravioli and the main

course was beef medallions. Desert was strawberry papalova. We also had a

BBQ for our guests in the early hours of the morning


How did you decide on your wedding dress? Did you have a design in

mind before?

Rosi – I had an idea of what I wanted in my mind but tried a few

different styles. In the end I chose the original design which was a

fitted strapless with a sweet heart neck line, corded lace from top to

bottom with a long train.


Is your spouse influence your decision on your choice of wedding dress?

Rosi – no he had no idea but we have similar taste so he liked the design

of the dress

What did you use flowers in your bouquet?

I had large roses, which were from Holland. They were a pale cream with a

hint of peach. There were diamantes in the centre of the rose buds.


Flowers in the middle of the table, which was used?

The colour scheme was neutral colours like white and peach. There were

round flower balls in a large crystal candelabra with draping crystals

with scattered mini bouquets on the tables and candles.


Invited to “wedding candy” (favour) what did he get? Can you tell us the details?

Wedding favours were given to the women. These were nicely presented bags

from our Dream looks business in Marylebone (London) with small gifts

Inside such as bracelets, necklaces, watches (costume jewellery)


Have you decided who will given company or organization that works to help you found?

No we did not use any company to organise our wedding. But we highly

recommend Sherry Flowers from the venue Cubuklu 29, Ufuk Sarisen and his

team for photography and videography and lastly Taner Ozturk for music

who is a resident dj at Cubuklu. Eda was the main point of contact at

Cubuklu who helped greatly to make decisions on the wedding.


Can you tell us the details of your wedding cake? How did you decide how to be a cake?

Our wedding cake was just a show cake. We decided not to have a real cake

as the desert was so good it would have gone to waste. The show cake was

3ft tall and wrapped in roses on each tier of the cake.


Which was used at the altar flowers?

There was a table for the service was surrounded by roses following our

colour scheme wit) draped greenery and behind the table were two very

large stands containing Lilly’s and roses and greenery.


What were your first dance song and entry song?

Both our first dance and entrance song was by Michael Buble. We actually

had two first dances. As mentioned the first was by Michael Buble called

‘have I told you lately that I love you’ and the second was Leonard

Cohen ‘Dance me to the end of Love’. Our entrance song was Michael Buble

‘feeling good’. This started playing when we reappeared at the top of the

stairway and was accompanied by fireworks.


Have you already made a special study for the dance?

No we did not. We just did it naturally

Amusing anecdotes in mind the rest of the day?

The speeches were very funny. Kem had two best men who each told a

different story. Whilst I was getting ready I was trying to remain calm

but Kem arrived on his Yacht to one of the songs from the batman trilogy

(Hans Zimmer ‘watchful guardian’). It is very dramatic and did not help

my nerves and I got so annoyed but once I watched it back I realised it

was the perfect arrival song for Kem. He is very much like A James Bond

or Bruce Wayne 🙂


Wedding day “learned it” Is there anything you can say?

We learnt that anything can be achieved even if it’s in a foreign country

but as long as you work together and stay organised everything can go

perfectly on the day.

The moment the most fun?

The drums playing at the entrance of the cake and dancing on the bar with

our best friends during the party. The aim was to make the wedding as fun

for everyone as possible. Our wedding lasted a whole weekend and not just

a day…


For weddings “I wish it were not so” Did you say?

There is nothing we could have done better. Kem is a perfectionist as am

I and even we were blown away with how amazing everything was. We made

some new friends also on the day. Kem had a great time with Ufuk Sarisen

and we will be sing next time we are in Istanbul.

Thank you

Cubuklu 29 Wedding by Ufuk Sarisen

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